A Special Kind of Stupid

"We smash fash!" The chant echoes ironically considering it comes from masked fanatics who use violence to push their agenda. Antifa, short for Anti-Fascism, is a Malcolm-X styled movement that has become more prevalent since the election of President Trump (take a note on his name CNN). But what exactly does Antifa, as a group, stand for? Are they really as dangerous as they portray themselves to be? And what should you do if you are confronted by an Antifa member?


Comey Canned: Democrats Change Their Tune

Let's face it, if President Trump (Good Lord Almighty, it feels amazing to say that*) were to end world hunger, the democrats would find some way to cry foul. And after calling for FBI director James Comey to resign, they quickly changed tune when he was fired.

The Things School Didn’t Teach You

Sitting in school, the administration made marijuana look as menacing as they possibly could. However, with new studies and statistics emerging everyday, Mary Jane doesn't seem like the green demon that our teachers made us think. This got me thinking, what are the biggest myths about cannabis that schools and D.A.R.E programs teaching?