A Special Kind of Stupid

“We smash fash!” The chant echoes ironically considering it comes from masked fanatics who use violence to push their agenda. Antifa, short for Anti-Fascism, is a Malcolm-X styled movement that has become more prevalent since the election of President Trump (take a note on his name CNN). But what exactly does Antifa, as a group, stand for? Are they really as dangerous as they portray themselves to be? And what should you do if you are confronted by an Antifa member?

Antifa: Who They Are

According to the International Business Times, “Little known to practitioners of mainstream American politics, militant anti-fascists make up a secretive culture closely associated with anarchists. Both reject social hierarchies as undemocratic and eschew the political parties as hopelessly corrupt, according to interviews with a dozen anarchists around the country. While some anarchists espouse nonviolence, others view property damage and even physical attacks on the far right as important tactics.”

Wanting to dive into the the twisted minds of those who “smash fash”, I turned to the Rocky Mountain Antifa website. In addition to a poorly articulated and designed website, the Rocky Mountain chapter site is a complete clusterfuck. In their small and hard to find About section, they state, “Rocky Mountain Antifa is a crew of dedicated antifascists operating in Colorado. We are dedicated to confronting and fighting fascism, racism, and oppression in the Rocky Mountain region. We have no formal membership or organizational structure. We are active in the Torch Antifa Network and follow these points of unity. All antifascists in Colorado, provided they follow the points of unity, will be supported and embraced by Rocky Mountain Antifa. We intend to win!”

After surveying their poorly drafted website and attempting to make heads or tails of it, it brought me to my next train of thought, how dangerous are these thugs?

Antifa: How Dangerous Are They?

Numerous videos have surfaced on Facebook of Antifa spokespeople attempting to load clips into guns and wear ISIS-like attire. While funny, it begs the question, how dangerous to society are these people?

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, “Antifa takes its inspiration from the German Antifaschistische Aktion network that arose prior to World War II. Dr Whitford described the Australian version as a loosely-assembled “reactionary group” that seeks to combat the alternative-right, with a particular focus on defending multiculturalism, anti-racism and feminism.”

“They’re basically taking on that very militant approach to fostering left-wing, progressive views,” he said. “If you don’t subscribe to them, they kick you in the head. Anti-fascism is what they go under but they’re actually practicing fascist techniques.”

This alone is enough to raise alarm. But to further my argument, I turn back to the Rocky Mountain Chapter of Antifa. In one diary entry, they target Alex Beck, a political activist, giving information like his email and addresses of not only him, but his family. Along with the stalkerish information, they added this disturbing note,

“To Alex:

We hope your life gets significantly harder and lonelier as you descend into the alt-right pit, you pathetic fuck. “Free speech” doesn’t mean living without consequences for your words and actions. If you’re fighting on the same side as Nazis, you don’t get to pretend like you’re on the side of liberty. Why don’t you do everyone a favor and fuck off already?

“Act like a Nazi, get punched like a Nazi!”
-Rocky Mountain Antifa”

So not only, do they destroy public and private property, harass and assult those who do not conform to their idea of “open-mindedness”, but you can also add stalking to the list. But now the final question remains, what should someone do if they are confronted by a violent antifa member?

What To Do If You Are Confronted By Antifa?

First and foremost, always keep record of what happens. In the midst of chaos, it is hard to see who threw the first punch. Always having video proof is helpful when turning the case over to the proper authorities.

Second, let me refer back to something my father told me when I was younger. “Never throw the first punch.” Some Antifa members will try to provoke you into throwing the first punch so they can react in self-defense. Do not fall into their trap. Only react with violence when it come to self-defense.

Finally, be the mature one in the confrontation. Antifa is made up of self-centered, spoiled children who have no concept of respect. Someone has to be the adult. Make sure it is you.

A final piece of information I will leave with you; If you decide to research Antifa sites on your own and find any illegal information, please contact your local authorities. They have the proper tools and training to take down these wanna-be thugs.


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