While London Grieves, Canada Panders to Islam

All eyes turned to London this week, when 52 year old Kalid Masood, who, according to BBC, had ties to Isis, wrecked havoc with two commonplace items. A car and a knife. Eight others, three women and five men, were arrested in connection to the case. Masood, however, was killed at the scene.

I think I speak for everyone when I saw our hearts go out to the 40+ victims and their families in light of this tragic event. Islam, the religion of violence, does not spare children, women, or the innocent. It is truly abhorrent to see this cult (let’s call it like it is) take innocent lives as part of their agenda.

And in the middle of these events, Canada passed motion m-103,a law that panders to the Islam faith.

According to Global News, “Canada’s parliament has approved M-103, a non-biding motion that calls on the government to ‘condemn Islamophobia and all forms of systemic racism and religious discrimination,’.

They also went on to say, “[Motion m-103] became a matter of acrimonious debate, with opponents painting it as a slippery slope towards limiting freedom of speech and even bringing in Sharia Law”.

The Winnipeg Sun released statistics, stating, “The poll, released Thursday, shows 42% would have voted against it given the opportunity with three in 10 Canadians seeing as a threat to freedom of speech. Another 29% weren’t sure or would have abstained, leaving only 29% in support of M-103.” The results in a nutshell, if it would have been left to the voters, the motion would have failed.

It’s sad to see such a religion of hate and twisted values being pandered to when all they have done is demonstrate their love of death and destruction. I hope under our president’s leadership, we will never fall so far as to bow and scrape to a religion that demands conversion or death.

For those who call me Islamophobic, a sad excuse of an insult, know this. I stand with the victims and their families in these tough times. I side with the patriots and the freedom fighters taking a stand against oppressive cults like Islam. So calling boxed insults and spewing hate speech towards me has no effect.

I will keep London and it’s victims in my prayers. With that said, God bless and good night.


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