The Secret to Arguing with a Liberal

Stick and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. This saying needs to be brought back into today today’s society. Bigot, Racist, Xenophobe, whatever boxed insults the left wants to throw… it all has lost it’s bite. Now, those who are called those names just laugh.

This article is purely opinion. Normally, I provide news sources (often liberal media news) to support my opinion. But tonight I want to shoot from the hip and say what is on my mind. Keep in mind this a purely opinion piece, not a valid news article or affiliated with any organization or company.

Once I came out as a Trump supporter, I was immediately bombarded by hate rhetoric. I have never committed a hate crime in my life.  In fact, I have spoken out against any hate slurs, even going so far as to block those who repeatedly spew racist slurs on my social media pages and live stream. But the facts don’t matter to those who would rather spew media fed garbage than actually form their own opinion.

So I get labeled a snowflake. However, instead of displaying typical snowflake behavior by going and hiding in my safe space, I laugh and move on my merry way. You see, the left has taken a word meant to describe them, and turned it against us. So now, it has become yet another boxed insult. I have been asked how I deal with the hate speech while blogging/live streaming/etc. Well here is my answer: WWDD? Wait, what?

What would Deadpool do? Sounds absurd, but it works. Sadly, I do adhere to our laws (ahem, “protesters”? ), so I do not skewer my enemies like shish kabobs. Instead I engage in the witty, yet crude, humor that is Deadpool’s dialog.  Of course, I back up my arguments with facts, but 9 times out of 10, it is the Deadpool mimicry that gets them.

How does it work? Well, dear readers, the answer is simple. It catches them off guard. Your average troll expects you to rebuttal with either facts or insults. Throw a little crude humor and wit into the mix and presto! What you then have is a confused and verbally dazed creature scurrying back to their safe space. Once in a while, you will encounter a stubborn one, and the insults will continue until they either erupt into a fountain of tears and block you, or implode into a steaming pile of rainbow glitter and unicorn farts (and then block you).  But never fear, I have never had this strategy fail me, and while it is not FDA approved, it should work for you too!

So now I leave you with two things to remember, my readers. The first item is this: never let anyone catch you breaking the fourth wall. That is a one way ticket to a padded cell. The second item: What would Deadpool do? If you don’t know, head on over to your local comic book store and pick up an issue! So be sassy, try to stay classy, and enjoy those chimichangas!


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