The Things School Didn’t Teach You

Sitting in school, the administration made marijuana look as menacing as they possibly could. However, with new studies and statistics emerging everyday, Mary Jane doesn’t seem like the green demon that our teachers made us think it was. This got me thinking, what are the biggest myths about cannabis that schools and D.A.R.E programs teaching? I interviewed fellow cannabis blogger Jack Burton about this, and in return he gave us some very insightful information on the topic.

Question: A common thing that we are taught in schools is that marijuana is a harmful drug. How would you dispute that claim?

My Opinion: Studies have proven that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol and common pain killers like Tylenol. It’s benefits greatly outweigh the very few negative aspects. Honestly, I think the biggest side effect of marijuana is an empty fridge. The myth that it is a harmful drug is completely outdated and misinformed.

Jack Burton: Its a complete lie backed up by zero factual evidence. Cannabis has thousands of years of documented evidence to dispute this claim. And the Governments numerous patents on cannabis and it’s canabinoid derivatives proves other wise, and testimony from the Drug Enforcement Agencies own Judge Francis Young & Public Relations officer Belita Nelson stated that they know it’s safe, it should be decriminalized. And that the only reason it has not been was that it is the DEA’S  cash cow.

Question: We are also taught in school that marijuana is addictive. How would you respond to that?

My Opinion: Marijuana can be emotionally addictive, but someone with emotional reliance tendencies can become addicted to virtually anything. Dieting, over-eating, alcohol, working out, social media; all can be emotionally addicting. So to single out marijuana and say this is harmful because it is emotionally addicting is extremely biased. Would you outlaw Facebook or Twitter because someone could become emotionally addicted to it?

Jack Burton: Marijuana may be addictive to some extent in rare in cases where someone’s biochemistry is abnormal. I have never seen a case of true withdraw like heroin associated with cannabis. You might see symptoms like caffeine withdraw. With that in mind caffeine and sugar are more addictive than marijuana. Caffeine is responsible for a couple of overdose deaths per year and sugar is responsible for a number of life ending diseases like obesity, diabetes, adrenal failure, and the like which take tens of thousands to the grave each year. Marijuana on the other hand zero deaths, and curing thousands per year of numerous aliments.

Question: We all go through the D.A.R.E program as children, and it is commonly believed that it helps kids stay away from drugs. Do you think that is true or not?

My Opinion: If anything, I think it pushes kids to, at the very least, try drugs at some point. The more you tell a child, especially a teenager, that drugs are bad and not to do them only fuels their rebellion. At least, that was the result with me.

Jack Burton: The dare program is a waste of tax payer money. This program is nothing more than propaganda for the big pharma & big business.

Question: Schools often teach that marijuana is a gateway drug. Do you believe that is true or not? Why?

My Opinion: No, I do not believe so. I believe this is just a way to make marijuana seem scarier to kids. Like I said before, alcohol and common pain killers are more harmful than marijuana. In fact, Oxycontin is considered a drug, however is commonly prescribed by dentists and doctors. Oxycontin is much more harmful than marijuana could ever be, and is very easy to become addicted to.

Jack Burton: More dare propaganda with no true scientific evidence to back it up, in fact the contrary is true. Cannabis is routinely used to fight opiate withdraw. And pharmaceutical companies are responsible for our current opiate addiction crisis.

Question: Schools teach students that marijuana has serious negative effects on their health, how would you dispute that?

My Opinion: With new studies coming out everyday, and testimonials from people who have used it medicinally, I think that is a very outdated assumption. Yes, some people might be allergic to marijuana, but allergies happen. You wouldn’t make peanuts illegal just because there was a percentage of the population allergic to them, would you?

Jack Burton: I would take their own testimony, the medical reports of thousands of cured patients from cancer,diabetes,etc.  Their numerous patents, the university research,the thousands of years of medical research, and disregard their text books and the studies from pharmaceutical companies that they preach from.

Question: Do you believe schools have a biased opinion on marijuana? Do you believe they are feeding them false information about marijuana?

My Opinion: Yes, I do. Schools are federally funded, therefore must teach information that the federal government agrees with. Since marijuana is still illegal federally, the schools are left to teach biased, and often untrue information about marijuana.

Jack Burton: Schools teach lies about Cannabis. From 1937 to today. When you our funded and regulated either partially or in full by an entity, you become slave to that entity and teach what you are told.

Question: Do you believe marijuana has a negative impact on someone’s future?

My Opinion: Marijuana can only have a negative impact if you let it control your entire life. The same goes for social media, alcohol, dieting, anything really. It all goes back to emotional addiction. Moderation is key. Marijuana has positively impacted thousands of people, myself included.

Jack Burton: No. Cannabis has been utilized in this country by our founding fathers to the most influential  people today in business, entertainment,agriculture, and every other part of our society. There has been, and always will be a large percentage of people that partake in truth. If that were not so it would be illegal every where, and we would not be discussing this topic.

Once again, I want to say thank you to Jack Burton for taking the time to allow me to interview him. Marijuana education is a huge issue that the industry faces, and it is important to know all the facts.  You can check out Jack Burton’s blog CannaTruth, by clicking the link here. And be on the lookout for more articles concerning marijuana education coming soon.


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