Dear Netflix: A Reality About Being a Conservative Face in a Liberal Place

Growing up in a “progressive” school system, we spent a lot of time going over history. Namely, reasons why white people should feel bad about something that our ancestors did hundreds of years ago. I learned more about real history in museums and family trips than the politically correct, leftist version of American history. And I thanked my lucky stars when I finally escaped the PC bull crap that was my high school.

Fast forward 3 years later, I am scrolling through the internet, browsing to see what is upcoming on Netflix. I, like millions of others, subscribe to the business that ultimately brought Red Box to its knees. And then I see it. “Dear White People”, a new series, will appear on April 28th, 2017. This sounded like a repeat of MTV’s “Resolutions for White Guys”, so I decided to dive a little deeper. And what I found was no less appalling than a feminist mooning Trump Tower.

CNN gushed over the racist TV show, saying, “‘Dear White People’ follows a group of diverse students who navigate life at a predominantly white Ivy League university”. The show, which began as an indie film in 2012, is naturally the kind of  ammunition that social justice warriors would use. After all, their arguments have been reduced to name calling and riots. And of course CNN would back this smut. What else would you expect from the network that refuses to call the torture of a disabled white man a hate crime while his abusers were screaming “F*** white people”?

And of course Huffington Post claimed that it was “just everything”. They go on to justify that, ” the show is not necessarily about pointing a finger at white people, but about presenting a new perspective on the experiences of young people of color”. Yes, let’s defend the racist piece of crap that starts their trailer with, “Dear white people, here is a list of acceptable Halloween costumes”. Sound familiar?

Oh and it gets better. Not only does the trailer go on to say that “America needs a voice of reason”, but also suggests that a majority of white people dress in black face for kicks. Yes, I agree America needs a voice of reason, but it does not come in the form of racist trash pushed by the left. You want change? You want a better life? How about instead of destroying your own neighborhoods, actually do something productive. But before you tell me to check my privilege, take a look at this; this TV show is set around young African Americans in Ivy league schools. I have an associates in Information Technology from a tech school. But let’s not loose track of what is important here. Netflix, like many other companies, has decided to alienate a large chunk of it’s customers. Congratulations, Netflix. You have officially placed yourself right on par with the network that glorifies teen motherhood.

But what worries me the most is young kids seeing this stuff on TV as well as hearing it at school. Many “progressive” schools teach white kids to not only be ashamed of their heritage, but also that they should grovel and apologize for something they had no part in. Thankfully, I had taken an interest in my family history enough to know my ancestors were hard workers. No one should be ashamed of their ancestry, color of their skin, or anything else along those lines.

Will Netflix decided to take “Dear White People” down before we even get the chance to see how much a full episode offends people? Doubtful. But maybe it will get people to stop protesting, hang their vagina costumes up, and watch that and allow people with their priorities straight to do their jobs.



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