Who We Are

As the day draws nearer to swear in our 45th president of the United States of America, mixed emotions hit social media harder than ever. Vicious catcalls from both sides drone on and on across pages and walls. Protests and riots have done nothing but cause destruction. And while I have been very adamant about my support for Trump and our election process, I want to take a second to get personal.

I grew up in small town Kansas. Church, family, and hard work were the corner stones of my life. I worked through high school, and then went on to college. And from the time I could register to vote, I was a registered independent. However, this last election not only changed my political stance, but also how people saw me.

When I exercised my right to vote, at once I was pegged a sexist, racist, uneducated redneck. Now, while I fully claim the redneck name (it’s not a derogatory term, no matter how many times you call us that), I am far from the rest. But reason was drowned out by hate. This led me to think, who are these people that are so hated just because they exercised their right to vote?

We are Americans. We love God, our flag, our friends, and our family. We stand and salute the flag during the national anthem. We shake a soldier’s hand and thank him for their service. We have pride in our country and our rich, unique history. We believe our citizens come first on American soil. And while some of us are rough-looking, we all feel pride when we see those stars and stripes flying high.

Now this beer-drinking, country-listening, red-white-and-blue bleeding redneck has a message for those who insist on chanting “Not my president” and staging pointless protests about it. KNOCK THE HELL OFF.

You insisted on recounts; we pandered to your whim and recounted (spoiler alert, he still won). You insisted that our electoral college is outdated; but yet it was the same system that got Obama elected both terms. You cry that he will deport you and/or your family; hint, if you aren’t an American citizen or do not have a green card/work visa, you are here illegally. You protest, and riot, and throw a huge temper tantrum just because you did not get your way. If that is the way you want to play, then leave the politics to the adults.

Now, let me be clear; I am not saying this is true about all liberals. I am friends and have acquaintances who are democrat, all who are very well educated, polite, and all around wonderful people. I am talking about the people who take it too far. The people who take the freedoms we have for granted, and still claim to be oppressed.

If you are an American, on January 20th, 2017, Donald J. Trump will be your president. Not Obama. Not Hillary. Not a dead gorilla that teenagers have turned into a pop icon. The man who gave up his multi-million dollar business, his luxury lifestyle, and decided to take an active part in our government will be your president. If you don’t like it, and still want to insist that he is not, then pack your bags and move to another country. God bless Donald Trump, and God bless the United States of America.



If I hurt your fragile feelings, go hide in your safe spaces with your crayons and juice boxes. Because this redneck does not care.


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