The Silent Minority

“It’s not fair!”

“It’s their fault!”

These are the kind of points you would expect from young children.  However, these are the reactions of Hillary Clinton supporters after the 2016 election. According to The Sun, Clinton supporters set fire to the American Flag, “angrily confront[ed] Trump supporters”, and all around wrecked havoc. For a party claiming to represent tolerance, love, and peace,  their reactions to the election were anything but that.

Chants of “Not my president” became the liberal motto on November 8th, 2016. The Political Insider reported on the riots, saying, “People [also] burned an effigy of the President-elect”. All this was tolerated by the current president, who considered this to be free speech by a wronged group. However, since apparently he is above the law, President Obama did not know that inciting a riot is a crime that can result in jail time and fines.According to CNN, even police were calling it, “extensive criminal and dangerous behavior” and called the protest “unlawful,”. But what the heck? Why not cry over spilled milk?

When viewing images of the hate-filled displays of criminal behavior, we see that many of the protesters are young adults around college age. Do not be confused by that sentence, I’m not blaming their behavior on age, it is merely an observation. I myself fit into that age category. However, I, like many others, also fit into another category.

I am a young Conservative. And ladies and gentleman, that alone leaves me open to ridicule among the majority of my age group. It is no secret that I voted for President-elect Donald Trump this election, nor have I been shy to say it. In response, I have been called sexist against women (makes sense since I am a woman, does it not?), racist(not once have I ever uttered a racial slur or judged someone based on skin tone), and a bigot(my policy is you do you and I’ll do me). I have many friends who share my views who are also in the same age group, and know they have been put under the same PC microscope that I have.

Young conservatives are the ones who walk into school/work and are taunted by their peers for their beliefs because we do not fit into their cookie cutter idea of tolerance. It’s kind of ironic that the people claiming to be progressive and tolerant of diversity is bashing on someone who is different than them. But you can’t tell them they are wrong. They are right and you are racist/bigoted/sexist/whatever else they want to call you.

Young Conservatives are a muted voice in our present day society. When we speak up, we are told to check our privilege, or called names and drowned out by taunts. This absolutely needs to stop. Controversial Conservative Tomi Lahren is a voice for young voters who have been trashed by media icons such as Trevor Noah.

Noah, who regularly bashes Trump and the GOP, attempted to roast Lahren on his talk show.  However, Lahren remained strong throughout the interview, a perfect example of how young conservatives are treated on the political battlefield with their peers.

In response to a short political rant I posted on Snapchat, I have been asked by my fellow young Conservatives to start a YouTube channel. In response, I will be discussing this issue deeper in a video coming soon. My goal is to become a voice for young Conservatives who feel like their voice is drowned out by droning rants and hateful slurs. Freedom of speech works both ways, and I play on exercising that right to the best of my ability.

The Democrats have had their say (quite loudly and recklessly at the expense of taxpayers). Riots and protests will not change the outcome of the election. The people have spoken, and the people are tired of being taxed for social programs that are abused, being taken advantaged of, and being called deplorable. Wanting to make America great again is not racist, bigoted, or anything else i supposedly is. Wanting to make this country great again is our hope of a better future for our children. Eight years of Obama did nothing for us, caused numerous scandals, and divided this country more than ever.

Now it is our turn.


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