first person view of Halo

Stick ‘Em Up, Shoot ‘Em Up, Blow ‘Em Up

Halo. Call of Duty. Modern Warfare. Brink.  Gears of War. What do these games have in common?  The thrilling adrenaline rush of shooting something. Some people might ask, why do you want to shoot something? Realistically, the satisfaction of destroying something often relieves stress and is far more productive than destroying something in real life.

 The New Yorker released an article about the physiology of why gamers love first person shooter.  They say that first person shooters give the gamer the opportunity to make their own decisions and those decisions often influence the outcome of the game.  They also go on to say that the shooting creates ” visceral situations we don’t normally have,”  After all, most people don’t get the chance to blow a car up or shoot something on a daily basis.

However, not everyone can become engaged in first person shooters. Take for instance, my experience trying to teach my grandmother how to play Halo 3.

My grandmother, like most of the older generation, do not get the point of video games. So to show her, I packed up my Xbox 360, and took it out to her house. I opened up a private game so it was just the two of us.  I showed her the basic controls, and explained the object of the game was to find and kill each other. The result was hilarious.  I watched my grandmother, whom I love very much, blow up rock with grenades and spin around in circles. I wish I could have recorded it, but I was laughing too hard to even play the game myself.  Needless to say, she felt the first person shooter experience wasn’t for her.

For similar laughs, click the link below to watch a YouTube video of Elders playing Grand Theft Auto 5.

Elders playing GTA 5

Some people love feeling the rush of getting to destroy something.  It takes them away from reality for a brief period of time, and allows them to blow off steam.  However, some people feel it isn’t for them.  But however you feel about first person shooters, it’s always good to have a stress reliever.


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