The Truth About the Internet

Growing up, I would hear stories about how when my grandmother would go out on a date with a boy, it didn’t mean they were together. Back then, it was socially acceptable to go on a date with one boy that night, then a different boy the next night.  However, by today’s standards, that’s not acceptable in the least bit.

If you have read my previous posts to my blog, you know my opinion on how women are objectified in today’s society.  Skinny models who look comparatively like that starving child on world hunger pamphlets, the Real Housewives of whatever city, the list goes on and on.  But today I want to talk about how girls are seen on the internet.

This article isn’t like my others. It is being written to show girls out there how scary the internet can be, and what can happen by allowing yourself to objectified online.  By objectified, I mean sending suggestive pictures and sexting with strangers.

Let’s face it, it’s nice to be recognized.  Even I can admit that.  But being called pretty, beautiful, sexy, hot… that’s how it all starts.

Then comes the flirty little messages, “What are you wearing?”, “What would you do if I was there?” and the like. These are what I call gateway messages.  They let a guy kinda get a feel for how far you’re willing to let this go.

Now, sending a flirty text to your significant other is one thing, but if you are sending them to guys you barely know and sending them to more than one guy, honey you’re a not a lady, you’re a tramp.

Back on topic; next come the requests for pics, giving you the option to act like a Victoria’s Secret model.  We pose pretty in our lacy little items and click away.  And once sent, we delete them off our phones so mom and dad won’t find them.

Well sugar, I hate to tell you this, but those pictures aren’t gone.

First off, those pictures and texts are going to whoever you sent them to.  And you know what they have on their phones and computers? Save and screen shot buttons.  So they can save those cute little pictures and texts and show them to whoever they want to.  And if your face happens to be in one of those pictures, whoever they show it to will know exactly who you are.

Second, those pictures and texts are sent over a server, and here’s where it gets hairy. Servers save information on routers, and can be traced.  So that text you sent over your phone that mom and dad gave you? They can look that up online by logging into their carrier account.  That picture you sent using the laptop loaned to you by your school? It’s on their server and if they go in and look up the internet activity for that laptop, guess what they’re going to find?

Speaking of that, did you know schools that give out laptops have acceptable use policies? And by doing that, you violated that policy and could not only get the laptop taken away, but be suspended.  Try getting into college with that on your record.

Third, let’s talk about age.  If you are under the age of 18 and sending pictures like that, it is classified as child pornography.  So not only could whoever you sent it to be charged with possession of child porn, but you could be charged with distributing it.

With all this laid out, I hope you will reconsider your opinion of “It’s no big deal”. This kind of situation is nothing to be joking about.  It IS a big deal, and by allowing yourself to be objectified like that, you are risking your future and your reputation.

My next article will be more upbeat.  Thank you for reading.


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