What a Girl Wants

Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus.  Guys smell like farts. Girls have cooties. Boys like trucks. Chicks like margaritas and pillow fights.

Face it, we are two different species.

In elementary school, most of my friends were boys.  We would play soccer, build fighter ships with legos and see who could drink their milk the fastest at lunch.  It was controlled chaos.  But when third grade hit, suddenly I had developed a severe case of cooties.  Cooties, if you haven’t learned yet, are extremely deadly to boys.

Now this got me thinking, what is the difference between girls and guys?  It’s a question as old as time. According to the Scientific American, have actually found very few large scale differences in both the brains of girls and boys.  However, its these difference that make us polar opposites.

Simon Baron-Cohen, a Cambridge University psychologist and autism expert, says “The female brain is predominantly hard-wired for empathy. The male brain is predominantly hard-wired for understanding and building systems”. This explains why girls tend to excel in more social occupations and men with hands-on occupations.

Expanding on the idea that the brain is the reason of our differences, lets look at the size of the brains in boys and girls.  A male brain is typically larger than a female brain.  In relation, an article posted by The Guardian, scientists have done nearly a 1,000 brain scans only to find that in fact, male and female brains are indeed wired differently.

The article went on to say that men’s brains are wired for perception and co-originated actions but women’s are more wired for social skills and memory.  So maybe the stereotypes of men being better mechanics and women being better listeners really are true.

Keeping this in mind, lets think of how this applies to the real world.  Take texting for example.  If a guy texts “K” to another guy, it will typically mean “Okay, I got your message and its understood”.  However, if you text “K” to a girl, they will translate it as “I’m mad at you and not wanting to talk to you or see your stupid face.”  Really different interpretations, right?

Now guys, differences in the male and female brains can be a headache, is that not correct(no pun intended)?  So to make things a little easier on you, here is a do and don’t list on how to deal with someone of the opposite sex.

DON’T text “K” or “yep” when replying to a text or IM.  See example above for reasoning.

DO hug her.  Women like physical contact.  It sends a message of well meaning and closeness.

DON’T avoid eye contact. We smell fear.

DO nod or make a “mhmm” sound when she is talking to you.  Even if you’re trying to tune her out, it will make it seem like you’re listening.

DON’T call another girl “hot” or “sexy” in front of your girl.  You’re just asking to be put in a trash bag and thrown in the ditch at that point.

DO play with her hair. It’s oddly comforting.

DON’T sit there and poke her belly. You might as well just call her fat.

And finally…

DON’T try to pet her while she’s mad. She is not a cat, but she just might claw your eyes out.


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