How About No?

I’ve been called everything from babe and hottie to racist and a bitch online.  And if you read my last article, Web 2.0 and the American Girl, then you know I’m fairly uncensored and kind of upfront.  Needless to say, I carry my attitude over into my chats and posts.

Hey Girl…

My name is not babe. It is not pretty little thing.  Nor is it whatever other degrading thing you can think of.  My parents gave me a name. Please use it. Or at the very least, use my screen name.

I used to be into Call of Duty, mainly the Black Ops version.  Of course, my user name was Hello Kitty.  It was pretty funny to watch the banner roll across the screen and say, “Hello Kitty killed you”.  However, thanks to all the trolls lurking behind bushes and yelling “Go back to the kitchen!”, I abandoned COD for the lesser action-packed, yet still fun, RPG games on my PC.

Why are females seemingly discouraged from the online community? Is it because we are supposedly the weaker sex? Or the fact that we would rather ramble around Twitter than go on a quest?  Whatever the reason, the stereotype of girls not being fully fledged gamers is completely bass ackwards.

A New Breed

When I stepped into the world of technology I was shocked to see just how few females there really were.  According to an article published online by Network World, women only make up about 25.3% of the IT workforce. Not so bad you say?  That percentage is out of nearly 3.6 million workers in the US alone. And if you take the time to do the math, that’s only about 142,293 workers.  The numbers aren’t nearly impressive now are they?

Eric Roberts, a professor of computer science at Stanford University, states, “They [women] see the human interactions in other departments more exciting”.  True, I can agree staring hour after hour at HTML and CSS coding isn’t always the most exciting thing in the world, but it is only as fun as you make it.  That long six page piece of code you wrote is something someone out there can’t even begin to know where to start.

According to an article published by The Telegraph, women are better with languages and learning a new language.  And in reality is that not what CSS, JavaScript, HTML, and any other code is?  Just because it is not the most glamorous industry doesn’t mean we could not excel in it.  In fact, when I first started learning HTML and CSS, I read it like a language instead of figures and numbers like most of the guys in my class did.  I was able to read and visualize, making it easy to outline a fully functioning website on a piece of paper before coding it in Dreamweaver or if I really wanted to test my knowledge,  Notepad.

Ladies, we are a new breed of tech junkies.  We take the stereotype of nerd/geek and throw it in the trash. We have the beauty and the brains.  So be proud of what you know, and tell the trolls to get up off their asses and go make their own sandwich.

Talk to the Hand

Guys, I am aware I am attractive.  I get told every time I step foot into a gas station.  I don’t need some random stranger asking me on Kik if I like BBC, especially if I’m trying to chat with my boyfriend after work. And no, I’m not talking about the British Broadcast Channel.  If you want a random hookup, please have the decency to look elsewhere, because all I’m going to do is block your ass from my account.  Have fun talking to a digital wall.

Ladies, its a jungle out there.  We are told we can either be pretty or we can be smart. But that’s a lie created by our society who values superficial values over quality of the mind.  Don’t be afraid to get your geek on or speak your mind. We were built to better read languages, and coding is right up that way.  So don’t call me baby or whatever demeaning pet name you come up with, if you really want to grasp my attention, hell:

Talk nerdy to me.


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