Web 2.0 and the American Girl

We can all agree; girls are an entirely different breed of creature.  We don’t duke it out then be fine after.  We don’t puff out our chests and try to physically intimidate. However, we are masters of physiological warfare.  And having what is called Web 2.0 technology (IM, advanced social networking, ect.) has only uped our game to the next level.  Allow me to break it down for you bit by bit.

Web 2.0’s Role in How We Communicate

I myself grew up like the typical girl next door; with the media ramming superficial ideas down my throat until I become a drone-like Barbie.  I wasn’t thin enough, didn’t dress right, didn’t listen to the right kind of music, ect.  I will admit, I was fairly sheltered until I hit my teenage years.  But then, it was every woman for herself.

As I mentioned before, we girls are masters of physiological warfare.  Instead of passing mean notes in class or just excluding the outcast from the lunch table, we amped up our game to where the entire world could see.  We post catty bits of gossip, we tweet about “oh my god, did you see what she was wearing?’, and upload half-naked and fully photoshopped images of ourselves to the web.  Sure we throw in the cute cat meme every now and then, but let’s face it.  We are, 99% of the time, bitches.

For all the guys reading this, yes, we are that scary.  That cute little text message we sent you is us reminding you that you are ours and if any other girl steps in, we will destroy her. That sexy profile picture we just uploaded is to make other girls feel bad about themselves. And that sweet little quote we retweeted? That’s just a decoy.

Some of you might not connect web 2.0 media with the physiological warfare that women use.  Allow me to explain. But first, allow me to explain how the internet affects our psyche.

According to Psychology Today (click link to read article), we use the internet as a mental refuge from the harsh reality of the world.  We become glued to our screens, becoming absorbed in a world we can create ourselves. A world deemed perfect by our standards.

Children especially are susceptible to web 2.0’s grip.  Parents today are what many call a “me generation”.  Meaning, if they want to go to whatever dinner party their bff is throwing that night, the kids will be watched by their favorite babysitter. Technology.  For a perfect example of this, watch Bonnie McKee’s “American Girl”.  I myself am no exception; in fact I was also raised by a television.

Now allow me to explain how this all ties into how bitchy and catty girls can be. We grow up watching movie stars and super models on tv, hear the glamourous pop tunes blaring through our earbuds.  It’s the classic case of Monkey see, Monkey do.  We grow up imitating these women, creating a society of backstabbing, self-absorbed, jealous bitches.  Pardon my French, but is that not correct?

So naturally, we tear down our “enemies”, or more simply, other girls.  And we resort to web 2.0 media to do this.  Facebook, Twitter, Facetime, Skype, Kik, whatever you use, are all tools girls use to mentally destroy the girl who like our boyfriend’s status or the misfit who doesn’t dress quite right.

Advantages of Web 2.0 Technology

Web 2.0 technology isn’t all bad.  Think of it like a gun.  A gun is harmless unless in the hands of someone who wishes to do harm.  Web 2.0 is the same concept.  We use it to share moments in our lives, keep in contact with friends and loved ones, and to help us in our everyday lives. It is not a bad or dangerous thing; it is only what we make it.

Disadvantages of Web 2.0 Technology

Oh goodness, where to begin?  Like I said in the section above, Web 2.0 is like a gun, harmless unless in the hands of someone who wants to do you harm.  Take for instance, Facebook.

It’s worked its way into our lives and wedged itself so far in, we will never be able to get rid of it.  In order to access other accounts or websites, or whatever you need, you will often need a Facebook account.  My grandmother is one of those few who manage to survive without one, but that might not be for long.  As the leader of a youth ministry, she had to learn the art of texting and what on earth the cloud was.  I love my grandma, but teaching her what Google Drive was, not to mention why you shouldn’t text with your caps lock on, nearly drove me off the deep in.  As a leader, she needs to be able to access and communicate popular social media sites, a major one being Facebook.

Thank you, Facebook.  Thanks to you, there is one more thing I will have to explain ten times to my grandmother, who will then call me hourly with some problem.  Thank you for making me type up detailed pdf’s for her so she doesn’t call me in the middle of class. Thank you, you sneaky little rat.

Examples of Web 2.0 and how it has Drove Me Insane.

If you read my rant in the section above, you will already know about my underlying distaste for Facebook.  But there is something more that has gotten so far under my skin I want to punch a baby for it.

I mean, I just can’t even…

Web 2.0 and social media has created a horrible image of white girls.  Yes, that sounds racist, I know.  So. What.  If I was a stereotypical white girl, I would be a twig, straight hair, drink blended vanilla lattes from Starbucks, and talk like a Kardashian.

Oh hell no. Give me just a straight black cup of coffee and a donut any day.

Stereotypes like these that are created by the media are the exact reason why we tear each other down.  Enough is enough already.  I get it, you hate the preppy cheerleader, or the bitch hitting on your man, but really?  I know, I have no room to point fingers, so I’m pointing one at myself.  Girls, we need to stop this madness and pull ourselves together.

Where will it go From Here?

Web 2.0 technology will only advance from here.  And with great power comes great responsibility, or so one web slinging vigilante once said.  In the next ten years, we will have computers in our glasses, and who knows what else?  Technology is ever evolving.

But if we don’t learn to harness this technology and use it to our benefit, then all hell will break loose.  Girls, I am mainly looking at us.  We are catty and petty online, and those two thing do not look well on any of us.

We are the ones who were raised by our TV’s and radios. We should know by now how all that influenced us, and how it will influence future generations.  Think about it; American girls are up in your face and say what they mean.  Other cultures hate us for it.  We took a trait that could be good, and took it too far.

For example, take my boyfriend and I.  He served two years in Japan with the US Navy.  According to one of his commanding officers, once you are around Japanese women, American women will drive you over the brink.  I’m a smart ass, yes, but I’m fairly laid back.  In fact, my boyfriend can’t even get me on the Mamba at Worlds of Fun.  He jokes that on the inside, I’m an 80 year old woman.

But doesn’t that say something about us?  Guys don’t want an over reactive, slightly psychotic Madonna impersonator.  They want a person.   And Bonnie McKee’s “American girl” (See link above) captures how we have become.

To Conclude…

So I have ranted about Facebook, girl on girl violence, and how we use Web 2.0 technology to verbally kill one another.  Ladies, I hope you take this to heart.  Guys, I apologize for scaring you.  But I call it like I see it, and what I see isn’t pretty.

Help me change that.


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