Web 2.0 and the American Girl

“Whether or not you write well, write bravely.” – Bill Stout

We are a nation divided. Who you voted for now defines you as a person, or so the media wants you to believe. Racist kidnappings, riots, and hate speech fill the news every day. It’s enough to make you turn off the TV and hide in a hole.

I am a young conservative. Based on my age and gender, I should have voted left. Instead, I voted right. Before the election, I considered myself an independent voter. Both political parties had pros and cons, but this last election forced me to pick a side. And because I exercised my right to vote for the person I had deemed fit to run this great country, I was then bashed, criticized, and told that I was a sexist, racist, bigot. All because of who I voted for.

Many young conservatives like me have been told we are uneducated trash because of our views. But this has got to stop. My mission is to create a dialog and become a voice for young conservatives.

To my supporters, thank you. Your feedback and positive energy drowns out all the hate.

Much love,

Shelby McDaniel


One thought on “Web 2.0 and the American Girl

  1. Ben says:

    I’ve been told that that people have been brainwashed by socialism, therefore forgotten any idea and individual freedom. The truth is, you have been persecuted by inferior people and absolately hated and despised. This will not changed since socialism favours people who have small brains. Lucky you’ve met me and other types who see individualism are primary.

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