Web 2.0 and the American Girl

“Whether or not you write well, write bravely.” – Bill Stout

We are a nation divided. Who you voted for now defines you as a person, or so the media wants you to believe. Racist kidnappings, riots, and hate speech fill the news every day. It’s enough to make you turn off the TV and hide in a hole.

I am a young conservative. Based on my age and gender, I should have voted left. Instead, I voted right. Before the election, I considered myself an independent voter. Both political parties had pros and cons, but this last election forced me to pick a side. And because I exercised my right to vote for the person I had deemed fit to run this great country, I was then bashed, criticized, and told that I was a sexist, racist, bigot. All because of who I voted for.

Many young conservatives like me have been told we are uneducated trash because of our views. But this has got to stop. My mission is to create a dialog and become a voice for young conservatives.

To my supporters, thank you. Your feedback and positive energy drowns out all the hate.

Much love,

Shelby McDaniel

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